What exactly is growing in there?

It may be hard to believe, but we have planted dozens of different grasses and flowers in the meadow, adding each year to improve the mix. The most visible things are the tall yellow native sunflowers that we’ve taken to calling thugs! If it were possible to wade in there, though, like the deer and other animals do, you would see lots of different plant life.

This year, we are hoping the native hibiscus returns and does well on the hillside near the sidewalk. We’re also anxiously looking for the 500+ grass plugs we planted two years ago to make their presence better known this year. Evidently it takes a good three years for them to take off. Fingers crossed! And on May 9, we will be planting more bluestem grasses and a lovely flower commonly called Blue Mist to get more color and plant diversity as well as visual movement.

We will also be digging up and potting some of the native sunflowers to sell at the garden club plant sale on May 14. Even though we’ve labeled them “thugs” you shouldn’t be afraid of putting one clump in a sunny spot in your yard. They haven’t spread in the meadow, we just ended up with too many and they are shading out other flowers. They certainly do well in our climate. I plan to put some outside my home office window so I can enjoy them all summer.

Here’s a list of what is in the meadow:

Library Meadow Plants and Grasses


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