The Meadow at Great Falls Library


The Great Falls Garden Club was founded in 1940 when several enthusiastic gardeners were volunteering for the Fairfax County Chapter of the American Red Cross, making dressings for the war effort.  After multiple admonitions to “not talk so much”, the ladies soon decided to form a garden club where they could pursue their botanical interests.  The members took Latin in order to ensure that they would use correct nomenclature.  They elected themselves as officers and recruited friends as members.

Members of the Great Falls Garden Club are dedicated in their pursuit of knowledge and its application to improve their corner of the earth. Among its members, the Club has Accredited Flower Show Judges, Landscape Design Consultants, Gardening Consultants and one Environmental Consultant.

Since its inception, the Club has taken on varied civic projects.  One of our members wrote a history of Georgetown Pike, which was well received and sorely needed. Awards were received for helping to establish the Great Falls Nature Trail and for designing, planting and maintaining the Great Falls Library Garden. Most recently, the Club partnered with several other community organizations to fund, design and install a meadow in the storm water retention pond in front of the library. Those organizations are the Great Falls Citizens Assn., the Great Falls Business and Professional Assn., Friends of the Library, Great Falls Friends (now part of the Celebrate Great Falls Foundation), the Great Falls Women’s Club and Newcomers of Great Falls (the last two of which combined to become Great Falls Friends and Neighbors).


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